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Please check the FAQ directory below and see if your question is included:

  • FAQ - General includes information on what the NETFILE service is, and who is eligible to use it.

  • FAQ - Using NETFILE explains how to use NETFILE and when you can access our system.

  • FAQ - After Using NETFILE includes information on correcting your tax return, finding the status of your tax return and information on record keeping.

  • FAQ - Refund and Balance Due explains how to find out the status of your refund and what to do if you have a balance owing on your tax return.

  • FAQ - Requirements explains certain restrictions, paperwork requirements, dates, and deadlines for using NETFILE.

  • FAQ - Software may answer your questions about the tax preparation software or web application used for NETFILE.

  • FAQ - Technical explains cookies, file formats, and other technical questions you may have.

  • FAQ - Security covers topics like certificates, confidentiality, firewalls, and 128-bit secure sockets layer encryption.

Starting February 10, 2014, if you can't find the answer to your NETFILE question, call:

  • The e-Services Helpdesk at 1-800-714-7257 (from anywhere in Canada and the United States) during our Helpdesk hours of service.
  • If you are outside Canada or the United States, call us collect at 613-940-8530.
  • The TTY (Teletypewriter) e-Services Helpdesk at 1-888-768-0951.