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Check the status of your refund

NETFILE processing is fast and convenient. In most cases, with direct deposit, you could receive your refund in as little as eight business days from the day you sent your tax return through the Internet. Some exceptions apply. Please see our website at for more information.

If it has been two weeks and you have not received your refund, you can visit My Account, our secure online service, or call Telerefund at 1-800-959-1956 to get information about the status of your current-year refund.

When you register for My Account, a CRA Security Code will be mailed to your address on record with the CRA.

If you are not registered to use My Account, you can immediately check the status of your refund by using the Quick Access service at

You can also call the e-Services Helpdesk at 1-800-714-7257 if you are not sure that your tax return was received.